Professional Manufacturer for Plastic Injection Molding

One Stop Plastic Injection Molding & Plastic Parts Manufacturing Service

Leading plastic injection mold and rapid prototyping service manufacturer
Operating since 2010 | AFAQ ISO/TS 16949, UL and ISO certifications
Supported by Over 20,000-square-metre factory
Mainly supply to top 10 3D print company and automotive company
We are the leading Chinese injection mold maker which provides high-quality custom mold manufacturing and precision plastic injection molding service.
Our attractive price, professional service, excellent communication skill and full-time support from our own factory will guarantee you a happy deal.

- We are an injection mold factory company in china that offers you the best solution for custom injection molding parts and moulds.
- An ISO 9001:2008 certified & Professional China custom plastic mold & molding Manufacturing Company
- We are not only making moulds and molded parts for you, but also contract manufacturing for plating, painting, silk-screen, and assembly, etc.
- We take care of all of your part design and technical issues on your new product development. You have all of our team to support your business.
- We strive on ensuring quality and satisfaction of our customers and we guarantee satisfaction.