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5 Resin Types Raw Materials That Are Suitable For Plastic Injection Molding

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There are hundreds of engineering resins and other related commodities that have flooded the market before now. Achieving top-quality plastic items requires that you use superior materials for the plastic injection molding process. But the thing is, making the right choice of materials can be a bit difficult when you have so many options on the table. Worse still, is when you are doing this for the first time.

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Different plastics with their different benefits and unique features. Therefore, this post will be walking you through how you can find the right fit for whatever you want to do.


From automotive to piping, ABS has been deemed suitable for various applications and industries. It offers strength, toughness, temperature resistance, and impact resistance. ABS has become a widespread choice because it blends the rigidity and strength of acrylonitrile as well as styrene and polybutadiene rubber’s toughness. Molding ABS is not difficult, and it offers a glossy, colorfast effect as well as brilliant surface finish. Another plus with ABS is that it lacks a definite melting point.

You can process ABS materials by applying any standard thermoplastic method. It can adhere to itself, metal coatings, and similar plastics with great ease, which makes it fitting for a wide variety of products.

For instance, it is applied in telephone handsets, appliances, computer as well as office equipment. Also, ABS is a brilliant pick for manufacturing musical instruments, medical devices, golf club head, canoes, motorcycle helmets, toys, electronic enclosures, luggage, exterior and interior automobile trim, handles, and showerheads. ABS can equally be used for 3D printers when it is extruded into a filament.

However, the chemical resistance of ABS leaves a lot to be desired. It is not advisable to use it in applications that require UV resistance or electrical resistance.


Polypropylene has been ranked as a highly used plastic worldwide. The reason it became popular is due to its toughness and elasticity, chemical resistance, insulation properties, fatigue resistance, and transmissivity. While PP is still vulnerable to UV radiations and flammable, it offers solid resistance to electricity and chemical solvents.

Various applications apply PP because it is not difficult to customize. Its customization can be achieved by changing the manufacturing process or by adding special additives to it. PP is so efficient that is sometimes called steel plastics and can be used for achieving various purposes. PP happens to be suitable for the packaging, equipment manufacturing, automotive, and household appliances, and many other items. It can be used as an alternative to other plastics because of its slippery surface nature. Most PPs are flammable, and can only be degraded by UV radiations.


Acetal has been the brand name of Celcon. It is also known as polyformaldehyde or polyacetal. This thermoplastic provides excellent wear, toughness, creep resistance, easy coloration, and low absorption of moisture and good heat distortion. Celcon ensures great dimensional stability and high stiffness. Since it is perfect for beverage and food, automotive, household, and mechanical applications, Celcon is a great fit for producing toy parts, and various bearings and gears. Celcon is most suitable for items that are used for making contacts. That is parts that can touch other surfaces. Common point of contact items comprise pinch valves, guitar picks, as well as plastic buckles. Such a general purpose thermoplastics as this one is equally useful in manufacturing bushings and bearings, pumps as well as valve parts, fixtures and jigs, manifolds, electrical components, and wear pads.

It is not suitable for application in an environment that uses a large amount of heat. And it can be degraded by UV.


As one of the most polyethylene flexible types, LDPE (low density polyethylene), offers great moisture resistance, good chemical resistance, high-impact strength, as well as translucence. LDPE will always be a cost-effective option. It is resistant to weather and can be processed with mold techniques.

LDPE is employed in everyday applications and products. LDPEs are a component of several consumer goods as well as housewares. For instance, it is used in medical products, electronic wiring, and agricultural products. This resin can be seen in packaging and plastic film, shopping bags, containers and bottles, caps and lids, computer components, toys, and juice boxes. With a lot of people recycling wraps and bags, LDPE items are entitled to another life in things like compost bins, furniture, paneling, floor tile, and trash cans. The problem with LDPE is that bounding it can be difficult to achieve. They are also unsuitable for high temperature and harsh weather applications.


HIPS is an acronym for high impact polystyrene. It offers excellent machinability, superb impact resistance, amazing aesthetic qualities, reasonable dimensional stability, as well as greatly customized surface. As one cost-effective option, HIPS are printable, bondable, and it can be decorated and glued.

They seem to be greatly applied in print applications like display materials, promotional signs, tags and garden stakes, retails packaging and posters. They can be specifically applied in applications that have to do with graphic arts. HIPS is equally a best fit for digital printing equipment that function with high speed. Other common applications are appliance components, bicycle trailers, gasoline tanks, toys, TV & AV parts, computer housings, and cups for drinking cold and hot liquids. While HIPS is flame worthy, there are other flame resistant varieties that you can always lay hold of. A variety like that can be used in environments where flames are present.

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Resins are the most commonly used material in the plastic injection molding industry. As it has been stated, they are so many that sometimes making a choice can be difficult for you. This post has highlighted 5 great resins that are capable of delivering high-quality items at the end of the day. Your choice of resin should be premised on configurations you are trying to achieve, as well as how big your budget is. Other than that, you can get started with any of the resins that have been detailed in the post, and you can be sure of getting good result.

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