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How are plastic injection molds designed for plastic parts manufacturing?

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In order to carry out the design of an injection mold, it is very important to follow a series of guidelines that can facilitate the process to be carried out, in this way in order to obtain the correct data required for the design of the mold. Keep in mind that both in the design and in the manufacture of the molds all its components are related to each other.

For a correct mold design, it is necessary to follow a variety of guidelines in a specific order, as we will show you below.

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·         Shape of the piece: we must know the exact figure and dimensions of the piece; in this way the exact measurements can be used for a correct result.

·         Quantity of pieces to produce: you must know the estimated number of pieces you want to have per day, in this way you will know how many cavities to include in the mold in order to satisfy demand.

·         Selection of the molding system: this is a very important stage, since from this comes the feeding of the molten material towards the mold, depending on the type of mold the type of molding system must be deduced, everything can depend on the number of cavities that own the mold.

·         Machine selection: you have to know the type of machinery you plan to use; in this way you can start designing a mold that meets your specifications.

·         Number of cavities: in the same way this can depend on both the molding system and the machinery, from there it is possible to deduce the number of cavities that a mold can carry.

·         Selection of materials for molds: you must choose the materials of the mold that are sufficiently resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, in this way you can expect good results from the pieces obtained, it must be taken into account that the material of the mold must be of quality, in this way we would be ensuring a long useful life of the same and correct operation.

·         Feeding system: being one of the most important points to be able to fix the place where the injection of molten plastic will be made, likewise for this point it is necessary to know the machinery and the type of molding that will be carried out.

·         Eject system: this will be in charge of ejecting the part when it is finally solidified, but you must be very careful when designing it, we cannot allow residues from the previous part to remain inside the mold before closing, in case it happens future parts are likely to be damaged.

·         Cooling system: being in charge of cooling the plastic and ensuring its solidification, we must know the areas where we will let either water or oil pass so that it begins to dissipate the heat, making the solidification and preventing it from opening the mold This will deform when remaining hot.

Each guideline has a reason and the reason that plastics are molded to perfection, for this reason it is very important to make a correct study of everything and to be able to make a correct mold.

In case one of the aforementioned guidelines is not taken into account or simply is not given the necessary attention, it is probable that the mold to be manufactured does not meet the expectations set.

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