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Introducing You To Plastic Injection Molding For Plastic Parts Manufacturing

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The A to Z about plastic injection molding is that it is a perfect means of producing and reproducing parts of items in extremely large numbers. They can be used for mass-producing parts in their hundreds of thousands or millions.

Manufacturers are beginning to swing their loyalty towards this large volume production monster. So if you are reading this to know why people are adopting injection molding as against using the normal traditional manufacturing processes, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the things you ought to know regarding injection molding.

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Advantages of injection molding

Let us have a look at some of the practical advantages of using injection molding as compared to other manufacturing processes:

1.      Low cost per unit – injection molding is gradually becoming a wise choice for manufacturing because of the low cost that is needed to produce a single unit. After the original design had been made and manufactured, injection molding goes ahead to mass produce the other items without costing as much. You should start considering injection molding for your production, since it will guarantee you lower costs and more profit in the long run.

2.      Lower scrap rates – The amount of scrap rates produced during a manufacturing process is what determines how efficient that process is. If it is reeling out too many scraps, then that is not a completely efficient manufacturing process. Injection molding has scored more points compared to other traditional methods like CNC machining in this regard. They produce lower amounts of scraps. This will mean that an injection molding process will amount to fewer waste materials, while using most of the materials for what it is was actually intended for. Although injection molding allows for smaller scrap rates, 3D printing seems to be more efficient as they have a much lower scrap rates than that of injection molding machines.

3.      Brand consistency – mass producing an item is not a problem. In fact, if you have the man power and all the needed resources, you can mass produce whatever you want. But ensuring a consistency of all the products is what you will have to struggle with. With injection molding, you really do not have to bother your head about it. As a matter of fact, every item that is manufactured by injection molding looks every inch of the original design, and all the previous products.

Some disadvantages of injection molding

There are two sides to every coin, and that is why we want to point out some of the disadvantages of injection molding in this section.

1.      Zero room for design errors – for plastic injection molding, losses can be enormous when you fail to get your design right for the original item. Remember, we are talking the possibility of mass-producing in thousands or millions here. While this may sound like a very simple thing to do, it actually isn’t. For you to ensure the right designs, the first prototype will need to be done on a 3D printer. After which, you would have to design an injection tool for producing about 300 prototypes. Do your adjustments of the injection mold tool before you go ahead with the real mass production.

2.      High cost of tooling – producing an injection molding tool is as important as producing the item you need. That is what will be used to mass produce the items in the injection molding machine. Sadly, you don’t just wake up and get the injection molding tool right on your first try. It is similar to any other manufacturing process in that a lot of effort and time will have been invested into this phase before you can finally get the molding tool right. This plenty number of back and forth trials will be costing you some money, making it a shortcoming of this process.

3.      Can’t remake a tool – injection molding tool are set out of metallic substances such as aluminum and steel. As such, that makes it a bit difficult to change the shape of a molding tool when it has been done. Once it is set, and it happens that that does not fit with the required specifications, there is really nothing you can do but allow that tool go to waste. This shortcoming is one of the things that makes the entire process to be expensive.

4.      Uniformity in wall thickness – as beneficial as injection molding can be, you can run into challenges when your wall thickness is not greater than 1mm. Doing that can amount of inconsistencies and some other issues that can ruin your brand. That is why China mold maker have recommended that you use wall thickness of about 4mm to avoid any possible inconsistencies and unwanted traits in your manufactured items.

5.      Size limitations – if what you want to manufacture items that comprise large parts, you may not be able to work with injection molding. These limitations could arise from the injection molding machines or the molding tools themselves. And funny enough, size limitations is also a challenge that is common with 3D printers and CNC machining. Therefore, before you begin to think of an item you are looking forward to manufacture with injection molding, you should first and foremost confirm the biggest size that that machine can produce.


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If you are reading this right now, then you probably already have a good grasp of CNC machining and 3D printing. Although they are not directly the same with the subject in question, they are somehow connected, at least in the way they function. Injection molding is preferable if you intend to produce large quantities of a particular item. From a low cost per unit to ensuring great consistencies across every output of an injection molding process, this seems like the best option for manufacturing small-sized parts in large mass. But like we have rightly pointed out, using this type of manufacturing machine comes with some disadvantages. It is expected that you go through those disadvantages just like most mold manufacturer in China and ensure you are okay with them before going ahead to do anything.

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