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The Different Molding Methods And Materials Used For Plastic Parts Manufacturing

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The manufacturing world is adjusting to a world of new realities. Some of those realities have to do with making use of plastics to manufacture different items. The different manufacturing processes do not apply generic methods for getting their outputs. That is because there are specific methods for molding what you intend to produce.

Hence, if you seek to manufacture a particular plastic part, you must know the molding method that will be most suitable for producing whatever you have in mind to make. As one of the leading mold manufacturer in China, we have vast experience in custom, high volume injection molding.

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Hence, this post will be exposing you to the various types of molding methods that exist alongside their applications and advantages. This is what you need to know.

Blow Molding

This molding method is most suitable for manufacturing items like bottles. The procedures are the same as when you are undertaking glass blowing. Air would be used to inflate a heated plastic mass. The air will push the plastic to the mold for the needed shape to be formed. The moment it is cooled, the plastic can be ejected.

This blow molding process has been fitted for manufacturing one-piece, high-volume hollow objects. So if you are looking at manufacturing plenty of bottles or hollow items in general, this molding method will be most suitable for you. Blow molding is excellent for manufacturing thin-walled and uniform containers. Not only that, but the main reason why people prefer it for making such items is also that it is highly economical and cost-effective.

Compression Molding

This is a molding method that works best for manufactures who deal with large-sized objects like auto components. With its name, you can almost guess for yourself how it works. A plastic material that has been thoroughly heated is positioned inside a heated mold. After that, the heated plastic will be compressed into shape. The said plastic can be in large quantities but will have to be grouped in sheets.

The process of heating is known as Curing. Curing is used to make sure the output of the heated plastic substance remains in its best shape. Just as it is done with the other molding techniques, the moment the needed configuration is gotten, the part is taken off the mold. If a sheeting material were to be used, there would be a trimming of the material within the mold first before they are taken off the mold.

This particular molding method is highly fitting for high-strength substances such as thermosetting resins, as well as reinforced plastics and fiberglass. The exceptional strength features of materials applied in compression molding have made this process a fundamentally important process for the automotive industry.

Extrusion Molding

This molding method is most suitable for manufacturing large hollow items like pipes, straws, and tubing. While the other molding methods apply extrusion to get plastic resins in mold, this very method gets the melted plastic extruded into a die. Hence, the die shape is what will decide the final product's shape eventually, not the mold.

Thus, extrusion molding has to do with pushing melted plastic to go through a die to form a fixed cross-section shape. It has been deemed as an effective way of producing various shapes. Because the plastic melts from a solid state and then is re-solidified, this molding method will only be useful for thermoplastics. The extruded pipes will be cooled and rolled or cut for shipment.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is mostly popular for its high-quality, high-volume parts manufacturing. This is the most flexible molding methods when you compare it to the others. The presses that are used in this method vary according to size, while they can be graded as per tonnage or pressure. Lager injection machines can be used for molding car parts, while smaller machines can be used for manufacturing high precision plastic parts which are needed for surgical operations. Besides, there are several types of additives and plastic types that are fitting for injection molding processes, thereby giving engineers and designers enough room to do their thing.

It is a fairly straightforward process; but you would need to work with some customization and enhancements techniques to ensure that the desired structure and finish is achieved. Melted plastic will be injected in the mold, occupying the cavities. The moment the mold becomes cool, pins will eject the parts. This process looks every inch like that of a Jello mold that is filled and then cooled before creating the output.

Although the cost for making the mold in this method may be high, the cost per unit for every part that is manufactured will be cheaper. Today’s manufacturing landscape has been affected by the low cost of producing parts, as well as the various finish and resins options.

Rotational Molding

This molding method employs high temperatures as well as rotational movement for coating the mold’ inside and forming the desired shape. The steady mold rotation brings about a centrifugal force that forms evenly walled products. Because this method is most suitable for large hollow container, like tanks, it isn’t a process that happens very fast. Nonetheless, it is a highly economical process suitable for certain applications and are is a relatively cheaper option of molding type.

Only a little amount of the raw materials go to waste when using this process, and excess materials can even be used for the said purpose. That is why it is more economical and more environmentally friendly.

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Not all parts can be molded with the same method. As highlighted in the above passage, there are different molding methods. What you are trying to mass produce is what determines the molding method you would be using. But if you want to combine cost-effectiveness and fast designs, you can work with injection molding. That said, if you are still unsure of which method will work well for you, then go through the post again and that should do it.

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