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The Future Of Plastics Parts Manfacturing And Plastic Injection Mold Making

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Just as we have moved away from other inventions like the light bulbs to other technologies like that of radio, phones, and what have you, manufacturing methods as well as product designs have advanced by great measures. Sustainable power, the internet, computers, and every other thing that will become part of the coming generation are some of the forces that will propel mold making into its future outlook.

But before we can appreciate what the direction of mold making in the near future would look like, we have to go back to its origin and look at how we ended up here in the first place.

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What’s Mold Making?

It is the process of developing injection molds which are used for manufacturing plastic parts to great precision. As a great production investment, it’s expedient that the molds are developed with high accuracy. Contemporary plastic injection mold making needs high precision to make sure all the large amounts of parts will be mass-produced just the way they should.

This level of perfection is equally needed in the manufacture of the tools used in manufacturing, holding, and testing the products in the course of production.

Core Metal

The time needed for executing a production activity significantly impacts the type of material that will be suitable for that molding. For instance, some manufacturers prefer aluminum molds for undertaking short-term production, while some prefer steel molds when they are doing stuff that would last for extended periods. When choosing a suitable material for an injection mold making process, it is essential to know whether it will be more expensive investing in a long-lasting but expensive mold or to use cheap mold that will only last for a short period.

How Many Cavity?

With family molds, several components can be produced concurrently. But they mostly manufacture parts with lesser quality as well as performance characteristics, many molders recommend using a single mold for each part.

Concerning mold production, the cost, time, and labor required for manufacturing a mold is impacted by the quantity of cavities. Basically, a fewer number of cavities within a certain mold design implies lower resources investment. But more cavities would require more investment. Experienced mold makers are expected to optimize the amount of cavities they need to come up with to ensure the highest efficiency in production.

Core/Cavity Machining

Every mold is fitted to satisfy the production and parts required of the said application. A couple of the mold components that go through customization include cooling lines, cavities, ejectors, and cores. The amount of customization will impact the cost of the project, particularly when the mold has been designed from steel or aluminum.

Mold Base

The base of the mold is made of steel and meant to hold the mold cavities, inserts, as well as other components in place. Based on the kind of steel used, mold size, customization features, how much it cost to make a mold will vary greatly.

Part complexity

The more the design of the desired part is complex, the higher the cost of mold needed to achieve the part. This resulting relationship is simply because the design of the mold must entail every part design requirement, which includes surface tolerance and structure.

What are the changes?

Plastic injection molding first became popular within the 18th and 19th centuries. With the industrial revolution peaking, tool makers were doing virtually everything by hand. Heat treating, forming tools, machining metal, sharpening, as well as drilling the design by hand involved a significant amount of time.

Because humans were not machines, the issue of consistency arose whenever a large amount of items were to be produced; no two molds came out the same.

CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine were originally similar to 2D Bridgeport milling machine that had CNC attachments. The moment they came into the limelight, manufacturers changed how parts were produced, because they ensured faster processing speed and greater precision, as well as very little in terms of manual oversight. The milling machine of today are even faster and more accurate in fleshing out complex molds.

CAD programs

These ones have equally played their role in the mold making industry by narrowing everything about mold design processes. Industry professionals have been able to move from 2D up to 3D deliveries that can be easily edited, tested, as well as modified.

The Future of Mold Making

·         The need for new molds may start to see drastic improvement soon.

·         Automation is transforming the manufacturing industries by a great extent. Companies will be patronizing more of pallet loader installations and systems that can be set to run on their own. When the machine is done with one job, it simply moves to the other. This will invariably bring about a higher amount of production.

·         Machine activities will be digitized to the extent that you can actually monitor all what a machine is doing and orchestrate fixes from a mobile device. That way, one can save time and increase productivity.

·         One other trend that seem to be gaining a lot of momentum is the type of materials used in such industries. Manufacturers are stepping up their gear in producing durable, corrosion, and temperature resistant materials. Such materials are gaining wide usage in automotive industry much more than the originally used steel. Bio resins are another set of materials that is gaining popularity with each passing day as far as the plastic injection molding community is concerned. And that is because they do not impact the environment as the others.


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Technology has gone ahead and everyone needs to acknowledge that fact and adapt to the changes. Those in the mold making industries don’t seem to be immune to the technology evolution that is changing the world. Plastic injection molding may have started as a fairly straightforward process long ago, but now the whole thing has been greatly improved upon. While the mold making industry may be far from being perfect, one is quite sure that tremendous changes will be changing everything we know about this  process.

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