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China Plastic Mould Maker

Leading plastic injection mold and rapid prototyping service manufacturer
Operating since 2010 | AFAQ ISO/TS 16949, UL and ISO certifications
Supported by Over 20,000-square-metre factory


We mainly supply our rapid prototyping service and plastic injection manufacturing for many 3D print companies in the world.
Yiannopoulos is a dedicated plastic injection molding solution and service company in China. We provide optimal solutions for manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, right from the design of products to tooling, packing to assembly and shipping. We believe our long term interest only come from good quality and excellent service, in time and on time. We have built over 30000 sets of moldings for a wide range of industries, with various structures and materials handled. We are capable of adapting to fulfill your priority requirements on different dimensions of quality, cost, delivery and serives.  Afterall, every client is unique and focus differently every project every time. Our solutions and services have earned favors from customers in many countries, like Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and  USA.

What does Yiannopoulos do?

Yiannopoulos is committed to providing top quality rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing service, including: rapid prototyping, CNC Machining, Rapid Injection Molding, and other low volume manufacturing.

We provide high quality manufacturing solutions that can have your design finished in a matter of hours. This gives you the opportunity to rigorously test your product, and make all the needed changes to perfect your design before it goes into full-scale production.

What can you expect from Yiannopoulos?

Our manufacturing process also ensures that each and every one of our customers receives a comprehensive solution for any need they may have. This includes complex and precision parts, like optical parts, automotive parts, medical devices or aerospace parts.No matter how complicated your project may be, we can produce what you need.
  • Saving money through our low-volume manufacturing process
  • Faster time to market (and a higher success rate)
  • Creating flexible design options for all your products
  • Supplying you with a comprehensive option for bridge production

Solution Consulting

Top Project Management

High Quality

Time & Money Saving

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Yiannopoulos owns high precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis imported machines which allow us to achieve tight tolerances. We have also invested in a material tester, so that we can verify the materials we use and make sure they are the correct ones for each project. And we can quickly get measurement results from our automotive coordinate measuring machine (CMM).


These samples look great and I think that we've played it perfectly safe on the knob dimensions. I'm ready to move forward with production.
——Mary Taba
Thanks! My customer was impressed of your milled parts. Also the customer of the PP part (1223166-003 Matrix Rev PA 4) they worked really good.
——Virginia Ubert
We have plugged your drafted parts into our assembly to verify that the fits are still good. The parts still fit correctly, so no problem! Your timescales are also good. Thanks in advance for a professional job so far.
——Barry, Product Development Engineer
The other parts arrived yesterday and are still with our QC dept. I had a quick look at them and thought they looked very good. Thank you again for such a quick delivery.
——Steve, Product Designer
What I really liked about your company was the engineering interface. Your power point design via email had so many opportunities so I was able to make the smallest changes to the design and the improvements were executed exactly as I desired. I never had that level of control before. Your prices were also very attractive.
——Dean, Project Manager