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What Is Low Volume Production?

Low volume production means different things to different people. For us it usually translates into delivery quantities that are (usually) less than 1,000 per month. This is just a guideline. It depends on the part size, its geometry, and other factors. Once 1,000 units a month is exceeded, it may be advisable to consider other processes that will be more cost-effective.

Low-volume production parts often serve one (or more of) these purposes:

Replacement” parts for parts that are no longer in production or are otherwise unavailable. These are often parts for repair or refurbishment.
They provide a “bridge” between the prototype phase and the high-volume production phase where parts will be manufactured using the production (hard) tooling. Some people refer to these as pre-production parts.

Low-volume production parts are parts made after the prototype phase. These parts ARE the production parts and hard tools are not paid for or required.

Effective and Efficient Low-Volume Production

When designers, engineers and businesses take product development into consideration, many of them see prototyping and mass production as the primary goal posts. But there are times when low-volume manufacturing is the optimal choice for those who need modest quantities of finished parts, ranging anywhere from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. By using a professional prototyping and manufacturing service like Yiannopoulos, our customers gain the ability to acquire the exact amount of parts they desire, no matter what the final count might be.

At Yiannopoulos, we will be there to help you along every step of the way, from the initial product design review and quotation to quality inspection of your newly manufactured parts. In addition to specialising in prototyping and mass production, we are also specialist when it comes to low-volume manufacturing. Contact our expert team today to get a free project review and initial quotation. If you need a prototype to verify your design first, please review our rapid prototyping services.

Advantages of Low-Volume Injection Molding Manufacturing

Are you wondering how low-volume injection molding manufacturing can help your product go from concept to completion? There are a number of advantages to using this service that you may not know about. Here are the most prominent benefits
  • By producing a small-run of parts or products, you will gain rapid access to emerging markets before the competition.
  • Compared to full-scale production, low-volume manufacturing will reduce the cost of tooling without requiring any minimum orders.
  • Low-volume manufacturing enables you to shorten overall production lead times, saving you time and energy when it comes to product development.
  •  If there’s an encounter with shorter product life styles, low-volume manufacturing allows you to respond quickly and iterate parts in a more optimal way.
  • Lower exposure to unnecessary financial expenditure, keeping you from breaking the bank on high-volume production.
  • Lastly, the quick turnaround that comes with low-volume manufacturing also allows for faster design changes, reducing costs and overall production time.

Applications of Low-Volume Injection Molding Manufacturing

Functional prototypes that match final products
  • Production-grade engineering prototypes
  • Rapid bridge tooling or bridge production
  • Pre-production components for verification tests (EVT, DVT, PVT)
  • Custom low-volume CNC machined parts
  • Plastic injection molded parts for pilot runs
  • Low-volume sheet metal fabrication
  • High-quality customized products
  • Short run of production parts

Let Yiannopoulos Handle All Your Low-Volume Manufacturing Needs

Custom Low-Volume CNC Machining
In specific sector of low volume manufacturing, CNC machining plays a vital role in custom manufacturing for machined parts of plastic and metal. Manufacturing in low volumes in CNC machining is also one good assessment solution for the coming mass production schedule.

As a professional manufacturer in CNC machining, Yiannopoulos has served customers from diverse industries by manufacturing high-quality, precision machining components. The combination of superior equipment and the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of our team members gives us a tremendous edge for short running production quantities.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your low-volume machining projects in China. Whether you need production-grade plastics, various metals, or custom aluminum machined parts, WayKen has the ability to manage any mix of materials and volumes for you.

Yiannopoulos is a low-volume manufacturer that applies unsurpassed level of expertise to deliver quality and repeatability on every part. We determine your best pathway to the marketplace based on your project’s goals and expectations, providing cost-effective and rationalized advice from designs, materials, production processes, manufacturability, etc.


Yiannopoulos provides one-stop rapid prototyping services & low volume injection molding manufacturing services. With years of manufacturing experience, our experts offer the best solution for all your rapid manufacturing needs.


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