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04 - 22
Fundamentals Of The Plastics Injection Molding Process
Plastic materials have registered an exceptional development over the last 50 years, which exceeds that of any other consumer material.Currently in Western Europe, the production volume of plastic materials exceeds the production of Steel.The growth in consumption is mainly explained by the increase
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04 - 21
Everything you need to know about plastic injection molding
What is plastic injection molding?Injection molding is a part manufacturing process by injecting material into a closed mold. Injection molding can include a wide variety of materials, including metals, glass, and in some cases, thermoset elastomers and polymers. The parts to be injection molded sho
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04 - 17
Difficulties you may experience when working with plastic injection molding and plastic parts manufacturing
It is common that when working with plastic injection molding many difficulties arise. However, you should not panic, most of these difficulties are quite common and easily resolved. Here we will put a list, with a varied number of solutions to take.Problem # 1: Diesel EffectFirst, what do we mean b
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04 - 15
Advantages and disadvantages of plastic injection molding for automotive plastic parts
Injection molding of plastic car parts is preferred by the worldwide car supplier or manufacturer for its excellent factor, since injection molding of plastic car parts is extremely accurate. Compared to metal parts, these plastic parts can be easily recycled. Below are some of the main advantages o
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