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At Yiannopoulos, we’re dedicated to making the world’s finest parts and products for our customers. We’re a one-stop shop for all plastic injection molding,rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, rapid tooling, protomuold, plastic injection manufacturing, pressure die casting and CNC machining services. With over ten years of success, we are one of the premier rapid manufacturing services in the world. We also offer sub-contracting services to our customers as, occasionally, it may not be cost effective for us to provide all required services in house if they are not a core part of our business. However, we do want to ensure that we meet our customer’s needs wherever possible, and to this end, we are able to provide a range of fully managed outsourced services including Sheet Metal Stamping, Vacuum Casting, Rubber Parts, SLA & SLS. Send us your 3D CAD model through our secure online form and we will provide you with a free quote.

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Yiannopoulos provides one-stop rapid prototyping services & low volume injection molding manufacturing services. With years of manufacturing experience, our experts offer the best solution for all your rapid manufacturing needs.


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